Over 30 projects recommended for UIC funding

On 4 January, The UIC Research Grant panel met to discuss the results of the latest batch of internal research funding applications. Eleven senior professors from UIC, Hong Kong Baptist University and the University of Macau attended the meeting.

Vice President of UIC, Professor Zee Sze Yong, delivered an opening speech, emphasizing the importance of scientific research being a key method to improve the quality of teaching while simultaneously nurturing talented researchers. “The UIC Research Grant is an important measure that supports the development of research at UIC”, said Professor Zee. Director of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, Professor Li Jianhui, next conveyed the aim of the UIC Research Grant, which is to provide seed funds for promising projects to support their applications for various types of governmental funds. Professor Li also elaborated on the evaluation criteria of the UIC Research Grant and the budgeting guidelines. Additionally, he reminded the panel that, during the assessment of applications, they should consider the quality of the projects, their methodology, their research design and the preliminary results.

Applications for the 2017-2018 round of UIC Research Grant funding were submitted in October 2017. The UIC Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS) received 42 applications from the four divisions, and the number of the applications has steadily increased for the past three years. ORGS organized two rounds of review, which include a peer review and an evaluation panel meeting. Two external experts and two internal experts from related specialties undertake the peer review, which was completed in December 2017. After the evaluation panel meeting, 34 projects passed through both assessments, and the amount of recommended funding is approximately 1.6 million RMB. The results will be submitted to the Research Coordinating Committee (RCC) for final evaluation.

The UIC Research Grant was established in 2010 and receives applications every October. The College is able to provide up to 2.8 million RMB to support research projects and related activities, which may include holding seminars, patent applications, publications, short term academic visits and more.

Last Updated: February 2, 2021