About Graduate School


Situated in Zhuhai, Beijing Normal University – Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) was jointly founded by Beijing Normal University (BNU) and Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) in 2005. It is the first full-scale cooperation in higher education between the Mainland and Hong Kong. As a high-level international college, developing postgraduate education has become one of the objectives of UIC since its establishment. In July 2008, HKBU and UIC joined hands in setting up the HKBU-UIC Joint Institute of Research Studies (JIRS) for the purpose of fostering cross-institutional collaboration in research and postgraduate education. In the recent ten years, UIC has nurtured tens of postgraduate students and PhD students under the model of HKBU-UIC JIRS, and accumulated a wealth of experience in postgraduate education.       


In June 2016, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (MoE) granted official approval for UIC’s provision of research postgraduate programmes leading to Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the disciplines of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Technology, Accounting and Business Management and Economics, as well as taught postgraduate programmes in the disciplines of Accountancy and Communication. And In May 2019, the MoE granted official approval for UIC's provision of taught postgraduate programme in the discipline of Data Science.


In December 2017, the Graduate School of UIC was officially founded. As an administrative department, the Graduate School is responsible for postgraduate education, mainly focusing on planning of postgraduate education, recruitment of postgraduate students, academic quality assurance and so on.

The establishment of Graduate School marks a new stage of the development of UIC. Under the leadership of UIC Council, in accordance to regulations of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools, UIC will insist on appropriate direction of education and high standards of nurturing research talents in postgraduate education. UIC will rely on teaching advantages and academic resources of BNU and HKBU, and strictly observe the HKBU quality assurance mechanisms in nurturing postgraduate students. UIC postgraduates are to be awarded HKBU degrees upon their satisfactory completion of studies, and the academic qualification of HKBU postgraduate degree holders graduated from UIC is officially recognized by the MoE.