Computer Science and Technology

    Normal Period(Full-Time)-PhD Degree: 48 months

    Normal Period(Full-Time)-MPhil Degree: 24 months


    RMB 90000/year


    Students shall commence studies in fall. Spring enrollment will only be opened to students under special circumstances, each case will be considered on individual merits.



    The courses of Computer Science and Technology programme are designed for students who are interested in learning state-of-art computer science and its related technology that can be applied to real world problems. In this programme, students will develop theoretical, methodical, and technological research foundations on various computer systems with applications. UIC provides high quality teaching resources with laboratories to students in Computer Science to perform research and training in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Data Science, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Autonomous Driving System, Quantum Finance and Program Trading, Visualization and Computer Graphics, Programming, Software Developments, etc. Further, a Data Centre was formed in collaboration with Industry to support big data research activities.


    The programme is fully conducted in English. It is aimed at training innovative and qualified people in the fields of Information Technology, Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Data Management, and Software Engineering, etc. Upon graduation, students will have a strong background in their major research area and will have mastered skills in algorithm implementation, research cooperation, data analysis, and project management. Students can conduct creative theoretical and practical research independently with a scientific mindset. This will equip them with all the necessary skills for a computer science related career at colleges, universities, research institutes, government agencies and business enterprises.

    Teaching Resources

    Great care is taken to build up our professional team in the Computer Science and Technology Programme. Our professors come from various parts of China and other countries. Most of them received their doctorate degree from world leading universities. Our team members range from young passionate researchers to experienced well-known scholars. Thus we are more than capable to meet the demands of our teaching and research activities. We are actively involved in state-of-the-art scientific research. We have published many peer reviewed publications in top journals and international academic conferences. We engage in several research projects at the international, national and provincial level. We also cooperate with industries and companies in the Great Bay area to use research to develop commercial products.


    Applicants seeking admission to the PhD programme should possess:

    a) a master's degree from a recognised university or comparable institution; or

    b) a bachelor's degree with first class honours from a recognized university or comparable institution, whom should demonstrate strong evidence of research achievement/experience; or

    c) any other qualification deemed by the Graduate School to be acceptable for this purpose, whom may be required to take an admission exam.

    Applicants seeking admission to the MPhil programme should possess:

    a) a bachelor's degree with Honours from a recognized university or comparable institution; or

    b) a qualification deemed to be equivalent; and shall, if required, satisfy the examiners in an admission exam.

    Language Requirements:

    Applicants whose first language is not English, or previous degrees not obtained with English as medium of instruction are required to prove their language abilities by means of performance in any one of the tests below:

    *Test results of TOEFL-iBT Home Edition or IELTS Indicator will not be considered.

    TestMinimum requirement
    Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

    79 (Internet-based Test)

    Reading, Listening and Speaking≥18; Writing≥19

    International English Language Testing System (IELTS)


    Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing ≥ 5.5

    College English Test Band 6 (CET 6)500 and grade B in the CET-SET (Speaking English Test)


    For MPhil programme students:

    Minimum of 12 units of coursework (including three units of Mandatory Common Core Courses).

    For PhD programme students:

    Minimum of 22 units of coursework (including three units of Mandatory Common Core Courses). Applicant with a relevant Master's degree may be exempted from 3 units of coursework.

    All course and instructions will be delivered in English.

    Both MPhil and PhD students need to achieve a minimum GPA score of 2.67 to be considered satisfactory fulfilment of coursework requirement.


    To enable research postgraduate students to focus on their studies and facilitate their research endeavors and professional development, financial support will be offered based on academic merit and/or experience. In return, students may be required to assist in teaching and research work, also as a supplement to their courses of studies.

    a) Studentship and Stipend

    Studentship is intended to help cover daily subsistence, tuition fees and other expenses that research postgraduate students may incur during their study. Stipend is offered to selected number of students who demonstrate outstanding performance.

    • Full Studentship with stipend

    Full tuition waiver with a yearly stipend of RMB 96,000 (RMB 8,000 per month) for PhD student; RMB 72,000 (RMB 6,000 per month) for MPhil student. Student has to act as Teaching Assistant (TA) to earn this living stipend. The workload is up to 10 hours per week, maximum number of work hours capped at 300 hours per year. The supervisors may provide other subsidies if the student acts as Research Assistant (RA).

    • Half Studentship with stipend

    Half tuition waiver (i.e. half of the tuition is waived). Student has to act as TA to earn a yearly stipend of RMB 96,000 (RMB 8,000 per month) for PhD student; RMB 72,000 (RMB 6,000 per month) for MPhil student. The workload is up to 10 hours per week, maximum number of work hours capped at 300 hours per year. The supervisors may provide other subsidies if the student acts as RA.

    b) Research Allowances

    Both PhD & MPhil students are entitled research allowances to cover 1) research-related travel; 2) conference attendance; 3) data collection; 4) purchase of books and other research materials not available at UIC Learning Resource Centre.


    You need to prepare the below documents:

    1.Research proposal (in English);

    2.Certificate of Bachelor Degree and/or Master Degree;

    3.Official transcripts (undergraduate and/or postgraduate);

    4.English proficiency test reports (TOEFL, IELTS or CET 6);

    5.Curriculum vitae;

    6.Copy of ID card (Two sides) / Copy of passport for non-Chinese;

    7.Any other supporting documents (publications, awards, patent, etc.).

    Note: Please contact and communicate with your proposed supervisors before submitting your application to ensure the smooth progress of your application.

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    The list of the supervisors
    Name(English) Name(Chinese) Field of Study Email
    Prof. Weijia JIA 贾维嘉 Computer science, AI Algorithm, Men-Machines-Things Knowledge Graph Completions, Smart City and 5G IoT, Next Generation Networking and Communications, and Edge Computing
    Prof. Jianxin PAN 潘建新 Statistics and Data Science
    Prof. Qingguo WANG 王庆国 Automation/AI with focuses on modeling, estimation, prediction, control and optimization with applications to industrial and environmental processes, energy, defense, medical and financial systems
    Prof. Hongjian SHI 时红建 Medical imaging, Image and video processing, Computer vision, Pattern recognition
    Prof. Weifeng SU 苏伟峰 Medical Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Multi-model Data Processing
    Prof. Amy Hui ZHANG 张慧 3D Vision, including camera calibration, model reconstruction
    Prof. Tian WANG 王田 Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence
    Dr. Zhe XUANYUAN 轩辕哲 Robot mapping and navigation, cloud computing and big data analytics
    Dr. Zongwei LUO 骆宗伟 Big data analytics, Industrial Internet, Operations, Optimization
    Dr. Raymond Shu Tak LEE 李树德 Artificial Intelligence; Quantum Finance; Financial Forecast Systems; Intelligent Trading Systems; AI-based Fintech system; AI Chatbots; Data Mining and Machine Learning; Chaotic Neural Networks; Intelligent Agents
    Dr. Thomas Canhao XU 许粲昊 Artificial intelligence, algorithm analysis and design, data science, AIoT, medical imaging, 5G, IC design, and hardware/software co-design
    Dr. Eric Pengfei ZHAO 赵鹏飞 Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and its application in Finance and Recommendation System
    Dr. John Changjiang ZHANG 张长江 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Numerical Analysis, Parallel and Scientific Computing, Software Engineering, Computer Simulation, Big Data & Data Mining, AI & Machine Learning
    Dr. Rui MENG 孟蕊 Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Information Extraction, Knowledge Graph Construction and Refinement
    Dr. Donald Donglong CHEN 陈东龙 Algorithm-Hardware Co-optimization for Cryptosystems, Software/Hardware Co-design for AI Algorithms, Computational Arithmetics, AI Security, High-Speed Digital Data Processing System Design
    Dr. Ricky Yuen-Tan HOU 侯远坦 Smart city, Autonomous driving, Reliability analysis, P2P networking
    Dr. Jude Shengxin ZHU 朱圣鑫 Math Foundation of Data Science and AI: Approximation & Learning Theory, Big Data Analytics and Compression, Computational Statistics & Optimization, Numerical Algebra & High Performance Computing
    Dr. Jianxiong GUO 郭剑雄 Social Computing, Combinatorial Optimization (Approximation Algorithms), Algorithmic Game Theory, Internet of Things, and Blockchain
    Dr. Goliath Zhiyuan LI 李致远 Graph Theory, Network Topology, Computational Complexity Theory, and Discrete Structure Constructions
    Dr. Jingwei YANG 杨经纬 Software Engineering, Knowledge Engineering, Data Analytics
    Dr. Fang XIE 谢芳 Deep Learning, High-dimensional Statistics
    Dr. Chenhao WANG 王晨豪 Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithmic Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Social Choice
    Dr. Yujia HU 胡瑜加 Data Science, Financial Econometrics, Computational Finance, Data Processing
    Dr. Chunyan JI 季春艳 Deep Learning; Bioinformatics (Disease prediction, Drug Drug/Target interaction, Health Data Mining); Acoustic Event Detection (Audio Signal Processing, Infant Cry Classification and Detection, disease prediction by sound and speech)
    Dr. Wentao FAN 范文涛 Machine Learning, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence
    Dr. Jiaxing CHEN 陈佳星 Machine Learning, Bioinformatics
    Dr. Xiao DONG 董潇 Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Machine Learning