RMB 90000/year


    Students shall commence studies in fall. Spring enrollment will only be opened to students under special circumstances, each case will be considered on individual merits.


    This research degree programme admits outstanding applicants interested in the theoretical understanding of, and academic research in, advertising, public relations, strategic communication, new media communication, journalism, and media studies.

    Graduates will develop a broad and solid foundation in communication and a deep understanding of existing knowledge in their chosen area of study in communication, conduct research independently and engage in scholarly activities collaboratively, and further knowledge creation and creativity.


    Applicants seeking admission to the PhD programme should possess:

    a) a master's degree from a recognised university or comparable institution; or

    b) a bachelor's degree with first class honours from a recognized university or comparable institution, whom should demonstrate strong evidence of research achievement/experience; or

    c) any other qualification deemed by the Graduate School to be acceptable for this purpose, whom may be required to take an admission exam.

    Applicants seeking admission to the MPhil programme should possess (HKBU's School of Business has ceased admission of MPhil students until further notice):

    a) a bachelor's degree with Honours from a recognized university or comparable institution; or

    b) a qualification deemed to be equivalent; and shall, if required, satisfy the examiners in an admission exam.

    Language Requirements:

    Applicants whose first language is not English, or previous degrees not obtained with English as medium of instruction are required to prove their language abilities by means of performance in any one of the tests below:

    TestMinimum requirement
    Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

    79 (Internet-based Test)

    Reading, Listening and Speaking≥18; Writing≥19

    International English Language Testing System (IELTS)


    Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing ≥ 5.5


    For MPhil programme students:

    Minimum of 14 units of coursework (including three units of Mandatory Common Core Courses*).

    For PhD programme students:

    Minimum of 28 units of coursework (including three units of Mandatory Common Core Courses*). Applicant with a relevant Master's degree may be exempted from 3 units of coursework.

    All course and instructions will be delivered in English.

    PhD students need to achieve a minimum GPA score of 3.3 and MPhil students need to achieve a minimum GPA score of 3 to be considered satisfactory fulfilment of coursework requirement.

    * Remark: the Mandatory Common Core Courses will be taken in Hong Kong Baptist University.


    To enable research postgraduate students to focus on their studies and facilitate their research endeavors and professional development, financial support will be offered based on academic merit and/or experience. In return, students may be required to assist in teaching and research work, also as a supplement to their courses of studies.

    a) Studentship and Stipend

    Studentship is intended to help cover daily subsistence, tuition fees and other expenses that research postgraduate students may incur during their study. Stipend is offered to selected number of students who demonstrate outstanding performance.

    • Full Studentship with stipend

    Full tuition waiver with a yearly stipend of RMB 96,000 (RMB 8,000 per month) for PhD student; RMB 72,000 (RMB 6,000 per month) for MPhil student. Student has to act as Teaching Assistant (TA) to earn this living stipend. The workload is up to 10 hours per week, maximum number of work hours capped at 300 hours per year. The supervisors may provide other subsidies if the student acts as Research Assistant (RA).

    • Half Studentship with stipend

    Half tuition waiver (i.e. half of the tuition is waived). Student has to act as TA to earn a yearly stipend of RMB 96,000 (RMB 8,000 per month) for PhD student; RMB 72,000 (RMB 6,000 per month) for MPhil student. The workload is up to 10 hours per week, maximum number of work hours capped at 300 hours per year. The supervisors may provide other subsidies if the student acts as RA.

    b) Visiting Scheme

    This scheme aims at encouraging students to stay at HKBU to take coursework and undertake research as part of their thesis work. The allowances for each of MPhil and PhD students are HKD 3,000 per month for a maximum stay of 6 months.

    c) Research Allowances

    Both PhD & MPhil students are entitled research allowances to cover 1) research-related travel; 2) conference attendance; 3) data collection; 4) purchase of books and other research materials not available at UIC Learning Resource Centre.


    You are required to apply the programme via UIC Research Postgraduate Programme Application System with below documents:

    1.HKBU application form

     (a) please select the programme on the website: then choose Research Postgraduate Programme - MPhil & PhD, and;

     (b) complete the application form before the closing day on the HKBU Online System and;

     (c) pay the application fee.

    2.Research proposal (in English);

    3.Certificate of Bachelor Degree and/or Master Degree;

    4.Official transcripts (undergraduate and/or postgraduate);

    5.English proficiency test reports (TOEFL or IELTS);

    6.Copy of ID card (Two sides) / Copy of passport for non-Chinese;

    7.Any other supporting documents (publications, awards, patent, etc.).

    Note: Please contact and communicate with your proposed supervisors before submitting your application to ensure the smooth progress of your application.

    Apply Now (The application for the Fall of 2022-23AY entry has been closed)


    Can be the Principal Supervisor/Co-supervisor for MPhil/PhD students
    Name(English) Name(Chinese) Field of Study Email
    Prof. Zhi CHEN 陈致 Shijing studies, bronze inscriptions, ancient history, and intellectual history
    Prof. Adrian John BAILEY / Geography
    Prof. Holger Mathias BRIEL / Media Studies, Media Theory, Media Ethics, Oral History Research, Post-Digital Humanities
    Prof. Christian ASPALTER / Social Policy
    Prof. Jianhui LI 李建会 Philosophy
    Prof. Tze Ki Jackson HON 韩子奇 Chinese thought, Chinese classics, comparative philosophy, world history
    Dr. Kam Tong CHAN 陈锦棠 Hospital Administration and Management, Social Services Management, Social Enterprises and Social Innovation, Social Services Audit and Evaluation, Social Work Supervision, Child Welfare Services
    Prof. Hongyu WU 伍红玉 Classical Chinese literature, Modern Chinese intellectual history, Cross-cultural studies, National education on Chinese culture and society
    Prof. Carlotta VITI / Linguistics
    Prof. Tony Lei SHI 石磊 Leisure Management
    Dr. MD Nazrul ISLAM / Traditional medicine (Chinese medicine and Ayurveda), Health tourism, Public Health, Cultural Impact of Belt and Road Initiative, Gender and Sexuality, Media and Communication
    Dr. Andy Shui-Lung FUNG 冯瑞龙 Chinese language, culture, literature, and comparative drama
    Can be the Co-supervisor for MPhil/PhD students
    Name(English) Name(Chinese) Field of Study Email
    Prof. Shawn Xiang WANG 王翔 Buddhist Libraries and Manuscript Culture, Anthology of World Religions, Spiritual Classics, Buddhism along the Silk Road, Monastic Buddhism, Religions of the One Belt One Road, Comparative Religions, Religious Soteriology, Cultural History of East Asian Religions, Sinology
    Dr. Wei JIANG 蒋崴 Film production, film and new media studies, shadow play studies
    Dr. Qidong YUN 云启栋 Political economy of media, Digital media and society, Digital publishing, Quantitative social research methods
    Dr. Tiezhu DONG 董铁柱 Classical Chinese literature; Modern Chinese intellectual history; Cross-cultural studies; National education on Chinese culture and society
    Dr. Siu-Han CHAN 陈少娴 Sociology
    Dr. Jesse Owen HEARNS-BRANAMAN / International and Comparative Journalism, Political Economy, Media Content Analysis, Critical Linguistics, Qualitative Methods, Tourism, Epistemology, Ideology
    Dr. Fan HU 胡帆 Communication
    Dr. Wonkyung KIM / electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) credibility, viral intention, new media technology
    Dr. Maggie Xiaomeng LAN 兰晓萌 Public Relations, Communication Studies, Media Studies
    Dr. Chally Chai Lee LIM 林彩丽 Communication Studies, Spatial Production, Ethnography and Non-Western Perspectives
    Dr. Joseph Joo Suk PARK / Public Relations
    Dr. Richard Xiaying XU 许夏营 Advertising Aesthetics and Creative Industries
    Dr. Edgar Kee-Wang YUEN 阮纪宏 News writing and reporting, Commentary writing and Media ethics
    Dr. Qiaoyun ZHANG 张巧运 Risk and Culture, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Ethnic Relations, China and the United States
    Dr. Yuanxin WANG 王元新 New media effects, cyber bullying, environmental communication, intercultural communication, persuasion, conflict management, quantitative research method