UIC Opens Research Grant Applications

To encourage more research grant applications at UIC, an information session attended by over 80 staff members was held on 20 September 2018.

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Prof Chen Zhi made an opening speech where he encouraged our faculty to be actively involved in research work and take full advantage of all supports provided by the College.

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Registrar and Associate Director of the Graduate School and Research Office (GSRO), Prof Li Jianhui reported the progress of current research activities as well as the future plan of research of the College. He then explained that research success would further improve the education of the College. Prof Li suggested that more emphasis should be attached to research work to encourage teaching staff to take more initiative, and to nurture potential researchers as well.

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Mr Dickie Hung, Assistant Academic Registrar of the GSRO introduced application procedures of UIC Research Grant. Applications should be submitted to the Research Management System and the result is expected to be released at the end of this semester after two rounds of review by both internal and external scholars. Mr Hung reminded applicants to keep to the guidelines on the budget for labour compensation fee and travelling fee, and to follow the relevant procedures.

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Three teachers were invited to share their experience of applying UIC Research Grant.

Prof Su Weifeng from the Computer Science and Technology Programme indicated some mistakes that applicants should avoid to make when writing a proposal: too big topics, lack of innovation, insufficient research background, unreasonable budget, etc.


Dr Wu Jingjin, who joined UIC last year, said that UIC Research Grant will be a good start of the research journey for young teaching staff.

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Prof Wilson Li, who has served as a review panel member of UIC Research Grant application in the past years, told staff members that in a convincing application, it is necessary to have a good topic, abundant literature surveys, clear expected research output, and strong justification for the budgeting of labour compensation.


Prof Stephen Chung, Dean of Division of Science and Technology and Chairman of Research Coordinating Committee, delivered a closing speech for the session where he focused on how research work is an essential factor for the promotion of teaching staff, and faculty members should also to involve more students in it.

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UIC Research Grant is open for application in every September. The College invests 2.8 million every year to support research individuals, research teams, research institutes and key labs. In addition, teachers’ research activities such as publication, patent application, and academic conferences are also supported by UIC Research Grant.

Last Updated: February 2, 2021