NSFC Research Fund Forum

To encourage and fortify the preparation of UIC research staff to succeed in applying for the 2018 National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Research Fund, the NSFC Research Fund Forum was held on 16 January 2018. More than 100 staff members from each division and centre attended the forum.

President of UIC, Prof Ng Ching-Fai, gave an opening speech where he mentioned that UIC has reached a milestone in launching the UIC new campus and established the Graduate School in December 2017, and this forum serves as a start of the next milestone in 2018. The new campus provides favourable conditions for extending current research as well as allowing new research to reach the next level. In addition, the establishment of the Graduate School further improved the College in the perspective of both teaching and research, which sets a higher bar for UIC teaching staff and student. In recent years, the number of national research fund projects undertaken has become a widely acknowledged measurement for research strength and research level of a college. The quantity, category and performance of the national research fund projects undertaken took up a large weight in evaluation system of key laboratories, key disciplines and awarding units. The National Science Foundation of China is an important source of UIC’s research fund, which is a vital standard of the research level and demonstrates the research ability of the awarded universities.

President of UIC, Prof Ng Ching-Fai, gives an opening speech

Registrar and Director of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS), Prof Li Jianhui, reported that the progress of research activities in 2017 and the future plan of research of the College. Prof Li emphasized that the national research fund serves as a platform for UIC to establish key disciplines, build research teams, and nurture research talents by strategic research planning and talent mobilization. The success in national research fund projects and improving both teachers and students’ quality are closely related. He looks forward to creating a positive atmosphere of conducting research on the campus, and that the leaders and teaching staff should engage in the organization and applications for national science foundation to achieve research accomplishments, and contribute to nurturing research talents.

Registrar and Director of the ORGS Prof Li Jianhui

The ORGS invited Prof Cai Zongwei, a famous chemist who is experienced in application and evaluation of the National Natural Science Foundation. Prof Cai is a Chair Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), as well as the Director of Dioxin Analysis Laboratory in addition to the Director of Partner State Key Laboratory of environmental and Biological Analysis. He was awarded the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Chair Professor of “Changjiang Scholars Programme” of China’s Ministry of Education, and Second Class National Prize of Natural Science. He was also awarded the National Natural Science Foundation for several times. Prof Cai’s sharing benefited the teaching staff in their NSFC application.

Prof Cai Zongwei

Mr Brian Yang and Mr Dickie Hung from the ORGS introduced application and budgeting plan of National Natural Science Foundation and important notes of the application for Research Fund for International Young Scientists respectively. DST Associate Professors, Dr Amy Zhang and Dr Chen Xiaoyi along with GEO Associate Professor, Dr Wang Xiang were awarded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Social Science Fund of China, the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong, and the Guangdong Social Science Fund in 2017. They shared their experience of application, which encouraged other young teachers to apply for NSFC research fund.

Mr Brian Yang

Dean of DST, Prof Stephen Chung, made a concluding speech, emphasized that teachers should take the spirit of Prof Ng’s speech into action, realize the importance of research, and take an active part in the application for research funds, not limited to NSFC. He hoped that UIC can achieve accomplishments and attain breakthrough development in 2018.

Dean of DST, Prof Stephen Chung, concludes the forum

Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He (MPRO)
(from ORGS)

Last Updated: March 3, 2021