Under the leadership of senior management of UIC, Graduate School is an administrative department responsible for organization and management of graduate studies of UIC.

Mission of Graduate School:

  1. Publicity and implement of the national policies on graduate education. According to the objectives of discipline development of UIC to elaborate policies in terms of future plan of postgraduate studies and management of postgraduate studies.
  2. Under the model of HKBU-UIC Joint Institute of Research Studies (JIRS), foster cross-institutional collaboration in research and postgraduate education.
  3. Responsible for making admission plan, reception of visiting, and answer questions on admission.    
  4. Responsible for constitution and implementation of postgraduate programmes scheme; responsible for management and supervision of teaching and curriculum building; responsible for the management of application and renewal of UIC-JIRS Fellowship.
  5. Responsible for organizing dissertation proposal, mid-term assessment, dissertation evaluation, dissertation defense and selection of excellent dissertations.
  6. Responsible for the assessment and management of different types of scholarships and studentships. Responsible for the assessment of research achievement awards.
  7. Assistant in the career development of graduate students, provide employment guidance for students, and collect employment data.
  8. Responsible for collection and submission of data related to postgraduate studies.
  9. Responsible for budget planning and management of postgraduate education fund.
  10. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders of UIC.